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WMITV is looking for “good news”

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.” - William Arthur Ward

Barbara Bruce
The Independent

WHITE MOUNTAINS – News is not always happy, but...yes, there is a but...'tis the season for “...peace on earth, good will toward men.”

To facilitate news to that end, WMITV has already started bringing you our version of “ RandomActs of Kindness” as part of our video news broadcast each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will run throughout the holiday season.

2016 has been one of those years where there has been a constant barrage of news which contained violence and hate and doomsday type reports. It affects our moods whether we realize it or not.

It has long been established by researchers that happy, joyful and optimistic things cause our brains to produce endorphins, the natural chemicals that add to our over-all good health.

While we enjoy learning about anyone who does a good deed, it really hits home and our states-of-mind when we hear about them happening in our own community. Reflecting back on some of the good things that came out of bad this year, the first thing that comes to mind is the most recent coming together of the entire White Mountain community over the loss of Show Low Police Officer Darrin Reed. Like all of the fires, especially the Wallow and Rodeo-Chedeski, we saw what our community was made of and why people love living and visiting the White Mountains.

WMITV is asking you to be our eyes and ears and be on the lookout for people doing what has been dubbed as “ random acts of kindness.” Take a picture if you can, or just tell us the story. While we come across many inspiring stories, we know that you see some really great ones we may have missed.

Our goal this holiday season is to inspire and uplift our community with some “good local news.”

WMITV considers a random act of kindness as anything someone does for someone else without expecting something in return. In the original “One Minute Manager” Kenneth Blanchard wrote that one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve quality in the workplace is “to catch people doing something right.” We believe that to be true outside of the work environment as well. Though most people do not want the recognition when they do something for someone else, we have found that when reported in the context of acting as a catalyst for more good, they are receptive to us sharing their story.

Though people have been doing random acts of kindness forever, the phrase “ Random Acts of Kindness” is attributed to Anne Herbert, an American writer who said she wrote “Practice randomkindness and senseless acts of beauty” on a Sausalito restaurant place mat in 1982 or 1983. She co-author a book of the same name in 2014.

We have already had some very heartwarming stories which you have helped us to report. You may email your stories to bbruce@mwicentral.com or call us at 928 537-5721.

As a thank you for your kindness in helping us to share the good news, you and the subject of the random act of kindness will be entered into a drawing for a free one year subscription to the White Mountain Independent. The subscription includes delivery of our Tuesday and Friday papers which come to you via U.S. Mail, and access to our online edition.

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